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Acropass, Retinol Microcone Patch

This is the first microcon functional cosmetic with retinol. It is a slim-type product of retinol microcon patch that intensively

Cu-Skin, Calming Intensive Cream

Cream for daily skin care with rosacea, hypersensitivity and reactivity. Seals the thin walls of capillaries and blood vessels, strengthens

Cu-Skin, Eye Patch Vitamin U

EXP. 13/08/2025 Cuskin Vitamin U Hydro Gel Eye Patch – Eye patches with Vitamin U and peptides. Vitamin U Hydro Gel Eye Patch

DJ Carbon, Carboxy Therapy CO2 Mask Set

DJ Carbon Therapy combines a gel with a mask to generate professional CO2 skin therapy at home and keep skin

K-Secret, Extra Illuminating Eye Gel Patches (Vitamin C)

Anti-dark circle with Vitamin C: The antioxidant powerhouse, Vitamin C helps to brighten skin tone and reduce uneven pigmentation. Big patches

Medi-Peel, Peptide 9 Hyaluronic Volumy Eye Cream

EXP. 29/05/2025 Solutions for: Fine lines and wrinkles Loss of firmness and elasticity Dullness and uneven texture Product Benefits 1.

Ottie, Platinum Aura Roll-Up Eye Cream

EXP. 14/01/2027 A premium multi-action eye cream for mature skin. Weightless, fast-absorbing texture helps cool & reduce swelling, improving microcirculation. Formulated