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Bandai, Disney Princess Insect Repellent Character Seal (45pcs)

Safe insect repellent without touching the skin just by sticking a sticker! Full-color insect repellent stickers designed with Disney Princess

Gua-Sha (no box)

Start with a clean face.  Use a facial oil or serum. Angle the tool flat against the face (15 degrees),

Holika Holika, Magic Tool Hair Rollers With Clip (M) 3pcs

Velcro type hair roll enables easily application and natural hair volume and curl expression. Clips included to fix hair securely

I dew care, Headband – White Cat

Keep pesky flyaways and hair neatly secured while you cleanse your face or apply makeup using this irresistibly soft and

I Dew Care, Tweeze The Day

MULTI-PURPOSE TWEEZER: Get ready to tweeze the day! Our multi-purpose tweezer precisely plucks eyebrows & hair and is also hygienic when

Macqueen, Eyeliner Sharpener

Macqueen Eyeliner Sharpener 2 Holes keeps your eye pencils sharpened and primed to go. A high quality sharpener designed for

Macqueen, Eyeshadow Brush

This dual ended brush with soft, elastic bristles let you apply and blend eyeshadows effortlessly.

Okuchi, Okuchi Peach Mouthwash (5 pcs)

A peach-flavored mouthwash with a thick texture that effectively targets and rinses away proteins, the cause of bad breath. After

The Face Shop, Pro Salon Emery Board

Pro Salon Nail Emery Board is a nail filer made with eco-friendly materials like crushed rocks, starch powder and recycled

Vari:hope, Refining Boost Pad Portable Case

“Anytime, Anywhere, Pore Pad TO-GO Case” The perfect storage case for Refining Boost Pads. A pocket-size portable case with mini

WakeMake, Nail Gun Pink Serum Pen

An all-in-one cuticle removing and nourishing pen that gently removes excess cuticles while moisturizing their edges. Fast-absorbing formula and compact